Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen) Releases Music Video for Her New Single “Goodbye Princess”

Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen) is a global c-pop singer, actress, and fashion icon. Over the years and also very recently, Tia Lee has graced the covers of global fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazines like Vogue, Rollacoaster Magazine, and Elle.

The highly-anticipated music video for Tia Lee’s new song “Goodbye Princess” was released exclusively on YouTube and Weibo.

Goodbye Princess” is an official farewell note written by Tia Lee to her old self, as she says goodbye to the past and reinvents herself to explore a new world. Themed around female empowerment, the song aims to encourage all women to build a more promising future for themselves.

This is the first Chinese song produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, Swizz Beatz, who has created hits for music legends including Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, and many others.

The music video for the song was produced by Actual Objects, an experimental multi-disciplinary studio based in Los Angeles that has worked on projects for international brands and artists such as Nike and Travis Scott. The video depicts Tia’s metamorphosis from a sheltered highly scrutinized icon into a brave persona, ready to take on the world.

Speaking about the hyperreal version of herself in the music video, Tia said, “the “me” in the video lives a life of luxury in a futuristic castle that is well-sheltered and protected, but this is not what the real me wants. This is why we have chosen a digital, virtual me in the video; she walks my journey to date, and she represents my farewell to the past as I embrace what the future holds.”

Before the official launch of the video, Tia’s “Goodbye Princess” pre-release campaign combining animation, music, and fashion videography set a new unprecedented c-pop pre-release record of more than 100 million views within a month.

Over the last month, Tia has released a stunning six-part animation series via her social media platforms. It was directed by acclaimed animation director Sunny Tang. The shorts explore Tia’s journey through the entertainment industry and the challenges that women face.

These shorts were further complemented by an exquisite collection of motion imagery and fashion videography, capturing Tia juxtaposed against iconic scenes from the animation series and conveying Tia’s resolve to break free from her past. The collection of stills and moving images was brought to life by the award-winning duo of creative director Tony C. Miller and producer Kate Wynborne, who lent their talent to pulling off an impeccable pre-release visual campaign.

Each episode showcases her passion for female empowerment and features imagery inspired by the adversity she’s faced on her journey through the entertainment industry. The underlying message of Tia’s new song “Goodbye Princess” is for women to unapologetically be themselves.

Check out Tia Lee’s new song “Goodbye Princess ”, and the record-breaking C-POP animation and motion imagery pre-release campaign on Tia Lee’s official social channels: IG, FB, YouTube.

Quincy Green