This is what an Avengers movie directed by Wes Anderson would look like

T33DPT Avengers: Endgame (2019) directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, starring Bradley Cooper, Brie Larson and Chris Hemsworth. Epic conclusion and 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Avengers movies would be a very different cinematic experience if Wes Anderson had directed the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters – at least according to one artist.

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Sharing a host of Anderson-inspired film stills to Instagram, user @digiguru (Adam Hall) showcased a retro-tinted slew of images including the likes of Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thanos (which can be seen in the below post).

The nostalgia-laden vision, which was dreamt up with the help of an AI program, managed to even impress the directors of the box-office smashing Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game, the Russo brothers. The directors gave a shoutout to the artist on their own Instagram, captioning a post: “Holy shit. Where can we watch this…”

A number of the MCU’s biggest stars are represented in the Russo brothers’ selection, with Captain America getting an old-school cop from yesteryear look: including massive sideburns. Alongside other favourites posted by the Russos are one of Ant-Man modelling a snazzy helmet and fetching jacket combo, and a civilised meal featuring two Thors.

Fans of the MCU blockbusters were quick to express their delight with the pictures, with many agreeing that they would love to see this art become a real film. “I kind of need this to be a real thing now,” commented one. Another added: “I’d watch.” Though not everyone was a fan, and many commented on how they didn’t believe AI constituted “real art”.

However, @digiguru was so happy with the support from the Russo brothers, that he posted another series of the Anderson-inspired artwork to his Instagram account as a thank you. The new artwork featured a different take on Iron Man, as well as Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel.

The artist added: “I’ve been riffing on Wes Anderson doing The Avengers for a few days, so here’s some of my outtakes. Which is your favourite character?Thanks to @therussobrothers for sharing my post from twitter earlier – I’ve asked them to hook Wes up with Marvel – let’s see what happens 🙂 [sic].”

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