‘The White Lotus’ star Haley Lu Richardson “stalked” one of her castmates

Haley Lu Richardson has admitted to stalking one of her 'The White Lotus' co-stars

The White Lotus star Haley Lu Richardson has admitted she “stalked” her co-star Aubrey Plaza before they filmed the TV show together.

Confessing she was a bit of a super-fan when it came to the Cinema Toast star, Richardson joked that she would make it into the top three of Plaza’s “crazed fans” list. “I know she has a lot of crazed fans, but I’m like one of the top three,” she told Jimmy Kimmel on his Monday night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“I legitimately stalked her,” said Richardson, laughing at her admission. “Like, I didn’t just stalk her on social media. I showed up to places I was not invited knowing she was there. I got close to her cousins and her friends so that I would be invited into her life… and it worked!”

Aubrey Plaza
Richardson admitted she was a fan of co-star, Aubrey Plaza. CREDIT: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Asked by Kimmel what kind of things she’d done that would be classed as stalking, the Split actor replied: “I showed up at her birthday party – I was uninvited, she didn’t know I was coming… it was definitely an intimate, invite-only party. She saw me from across the bar and she just went, ‘YOU’… and then walked away.”

Laughing, Richardson said “it was the best thing that ever happened to me”. The actor, who plays Portia on the HBO comedy drama, then said there was an interesting greeting from Plaza when it was announced Richardson had been cast in the show.

“I got a text from an unknown number that was literally just a knife and a drip of blood,” she told Kimmel, before adding: “And I knew, I knew it was Aubrey!”

Season two of The White Lotus has continued to see the show’s popularity soar. The second season also sees the return of Jennifer Coolidge, who won Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role as Tanya McQuoid at this year’s Emmys, as well as Jon Gries as her now-husband Greg.

New faces in the Italian instalment of the show include the Di Grasso family, played by F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli and Adam DiMarco, new couple Daphne and Cameron Babcock (Meghann Fahy and Theo James), and fellow partners Harper and Ethan Spiller (Plaza and Will Sharpe).

The White Lotus season 2 is now airing on Sky Atlantic, and is also available to stream with a NOW subscription.

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