‘The White Lotus’ season two reviews: “Sharp enough to draw blood”

The White Lotus season 2

The first reviews for season two of The White Lotus are in – take a look below.

Mike White’s satire of the über-rich returns next week in the UK for new episodes, and critics have already shared a positive response.

Season two takes place at a White Lotus resort in Italy, featuring mostly a new cast joining returning actor Jennifer Coolidge.

The White Lotus remains one of TV’s most purely visceral, evocative shows as it digs each of its guests up by their roots, and leave it to the rest of the season to reveal what lies beneath,” Variety‘s Caroline Framke wrote in a positive review of season two.

Empire also gave season two a positive review, with Al Horner writing: “Season 2 prods and provokes as mischievously and movingly as the first time.”

Some critics praised the season while criticising plot superficiality including Paste Magazine, whose Lacy Baugher wrote: “While The White Lotus Season 2 is certainly gorgeous to look at, it falls a bit short once again as any sort of legitimate social commentary.”

Still, many praised White’s writing, with The Hollywood Reporter saying the series “alights upon more than a few observations sharp enough to draw blood.”

Ed Power of The Daily Telegraph agreed, saying season two is “brimming with zinging dialogue, physical humour and sharply drawn critiques of the super-wealthy.”

The White Lotus season 2 is due for release October 30 in America, and October 31 on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW in the UK.

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