‘The White Lotus’ memes: our fave internet jokes about the show

The White Lotus season 2

After you get over the shock of realising it’s written and created by School Of Rock’s Ned Schneebly, The White Lotus makes for one of the best and most thrilling shows on TV. A searing analysis of the super-rich and their luxury, messy escapades, it expertly pokes holes in the seemingly perfect lives of the wealthy while they’re on holiday at the titular chain’s many outposts.

As you’d expect, The White Lotus also makes for perfect meme material – and the internet is awash with photos and videos poking fun at the hotel guests, as if they haven’t been subjected to enough during the show. While season two rolls on and a third is confirmed, check out the content below for some extra giggles.

On the chaise longue

Almost as iconic as Nigella Lawson and her ‘meecrowahvé’, Coolidge’s character Tanya McQuoid’s pronunciation of chaise is so perfectly inaccurate and could only be delivered by a character so out of touch, while sitting on a sun lounger.

A man of many faces

Everyone in The White Lotus acts differently behind closed doors to when they’re being watched, but season one’s hotel boss Armond definitely has the biggest gap between the two, as wonderfully illustrated in this meme of his many personalities.

Old meme for Armond from TheWhiteLotusHBO


Its theme tune has become a dance anthem

The cherry on top of The White Lotus is its addictive, banging theme tune, which many online have taken a liking to.

Christopher, is that you?

One of season two’s main characters, Dominic Di Grasso, is played wonderfully by Michael Imperioli, but when you play a character as iconic and beloved as The Sopranos’ Christopher Moltisanti, it’ll be sure to follow you around into any roles you take afterwards. Sorry, Michael.

Could a Succession crossover be on the cards?

As is to be expected, The White Lotus and Succession – HBO’s two shows about the unravelling of the super-rich – have a lot of crossover, and the idea of them crossing over into each others’ worlds is tantalising. Roman and Gerri checking in to a White Lotus hotel? Albie as Cousin Greg’s foil? It’s got so much potential, and thankfully the internet has come through and imagined what it might look like:

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