‘The Voice’ Contestants Take a ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Their Battle: Watch

The competition is getting stiff on The Voice, with the contestants facing off in battles to cement their place in the coming few weeks. Camila Cabello was tasked with the difficult decision of who to pick for elimination when contestants Steven McMorran and Morgan Myles went head to head on Tuesday night’s episode (Oct. 11) for a rendition of Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball.”

McMorran and Myles strayed from the song’s original pop delivery, instead opting for bringing their own country twang into their duet battle. The pair passionately sang the track’s chorus, “I came in like a wrecking ball/ Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung/ Left me crashing in a blazing fall/ All you ever did was wreck me/ Yeah, you, you wreck me,” finishing strong on a stunning high note.


After Gwen Stefani raved about how amazing McMorran and Myles’ duet was, John Legend put in his own two cents and remarked that Myles’ voice reminds him of Cyrus’. “Morgan’s tone is just, like, fire. One of the things I love about Miley, I think she has one of the coolest tones in pop music these days. Morgan, you remind me of that kind of singer that has that raspiness. You just sound like a recording artist that should be making records and singing at the Grammys,” he explained of the comparison.

Blake Shelton then stepped up to the plate and remarked that McMorran “sang the hell out of that thing,” but fell slightly behind his opponent when Myles “hit that Bonnie Tyler gear that [makes] you go ‘Woah.'”

As both Myles and McMorran are members of Cabello’s team, she was tasked with the final decision of who to send home. “Morgan, you have the gift of feeling things really deeply and I think that just comes out throughout your voice, but it also comes out through your whole body when you’re performing. At the same time, Steven, I don’t think we have tapped into the song where you can bring the house down yet,” she said. Cabello ended up picking Myles to stay on the show.

After McMorran bid the coaches his goodbye, he — and the rest of the audience and coaches — were surprised when Cabello clicked her save button to keep him on her team. “I can’t sleep peacefully knowing we haven’t cracked the code yet,” the “Havana” singer explained of her last-minute decision.

Watch the battle below:

Starr Bowenbank