The Vaccines’ Freddie Cowan departs band for “foreseeable future”

Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines

The Vaccines have announced that guitarist Freddie Cowan has left the band.

The band confirmed the news on their social media accounts, with separate statements from Cowan and the remaining members. Cowan appeared to leave the door open for his return, however, saying he hopes he and The Vaccines will “have another chapter together when the time is right”.

“It hasn’t been easy to come to this decision, but in my heart I know it’s time to step down from my position in The Vaccines for the foreseeable future,” Cowan began.

“We loved and fought and cried and cared deeply for each other. I would say like brothers but actually I feel like it’s often the chosen family that really matters to us in our lives. The band will always be my family. We are bonded forever through the experiences we shared.

“I also hope we have another chapter together when the time is right.

He continued: “Love and gratitude to everyone in and out of the camp that made my dream a reality. I never thought it was possible to stand on the Reading main stage or have a number one album. It was a wild and fulfilling ride and my life was richer and forever different for having been part of a truly great band.

“I hope The Vaccines continue to new heights for years and years to come.”

Frontman Justin Hayward-Young also shared a statement on behalf of the rest of the band, in which he said: “when freddie told us last summer that he wanted to step away from the vaccines, it made sense to us all that he should follow his path to happiness outside of the band.

“making music music together has changed our lives forever and in ways beyond our wildest dreams!

“myself, A, T and Y all believe that our own paths to happiness and fulfillment should continue to be forged together as part of the band, and we’re incredibly excited for all the fun and creativity that lies ahead. we’ve just finished LP6 and still feel as if we’re getting better at what we do whilst having more fun than ever doing it.

“we’re sending f all the love, luck and happiness in the world. we’ll miss him! ready freddie?”

Freddie Cowan has just released his debut album, ‘Answer Machine’, as part of Freddie Cowan and the Scenarios. The album is currently only available in digital format on Bandcamp and a full streaming release will follow next week (March 22), followed by a vinyl release.


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