‘The Sims’ creator Will Wright is developing a blockchain game

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The Sims and Sim City creator Will Wright has confirmed that he is working on a new blockchain game called VoxVerse.

During a recent interview with Axios, Wright shared the details of his upcoming game and stated that it will take place in a virtual world where players will live on a cube. On this cube, players will own land, mine, harvest resources, and create “attractions.”

The blockchain game is being developed at Gallium Games with the Unity engine, a blockchain-focused startup co-founded by Wright and Carmen Sandiego co-creator Lauren Elliott.

Gallium Games reportedly received $25million (£22.5million) from NFT and crypto gaming bankrollers Gala Games in order to fund the project.

The Sims 4. Credit: Maxis.
The Sims 4. Credit: Maxis.

VoxVerse will feature a tiered monetization model and a fame and trust system similar to The Sims, Wright explained. He added that it will have rich virtual landowners who invest in crypto. There will also be a middle group that can make things for the rich ones, as well as free-to-play players who can join and play in the world.

Wright explained that the game isn’t focused on obtaining whales who spend excessive amounts of real-life money in the game, saying, “I’m much more interested in attracting a million free-to-play players than, you know, 10,000 rich whales, although we could use those rich whales.”

According to the interview, even though Gala is hoping Wright’s game will make VoxVerse‘s NFT character popular, the Sims creator says, “I don’t really want to be in the business of selling NFTs”, and is more interested in allowing secure transactions between players using blockchain.

In other news, EA has officially announced that The Sims 5 is in development but the game is “a couple” of years away from release.

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