The Murder Capital share surrealist music video for new single ‘Ethel’

The Murder Capital

The Murder Capital have released ‘Ethel’, the third single from their upcoming second album ‘Gigi’s Recovery‘, and with it a music video.

The Irish post-punkers returned this summer with ‘Only Good Things‘ and followed it up with September’s ‘A Thousand Lives’. Now, ‘Ethel’ hears the group at their most momentous, replete with a surrealist Maxim Kelly-directed video.

Director Kelly said of the video: “Initially I thought ‘Ethel’ should be the main character and do the dance at the end, and I always had this image from this French film called My American Uncle. Where it’s like a little girl standing up at a table.

“I originally had that image in my head for a rap video, but it didn’t really make sense to the song, I wanted this to feel more like surreal so then as I started finding more imagery, it kind of transpired that maybe the maid was the more interesting character.”

‘Gigi’s Recovery’ is released on January 20 via Human Season Records (pre-order here). See the tracklist below:

01. ‘Existence’
02. ‘Crying’
03. ‘Return My Head’
04. ‘Ethel’
05. ‘The Stars Will Leave Their Stage’
06. ‘Belonging’
07. ‘The Lie Becomes The Self’
08. ‘A Thousand Lives’
09. ‘We Had To Disappear’
10. ‘Only Good Things’
11. ‘Gigi’s Recovery’
12. ‘Exist’

The group head out on a tour in February – head here for the full list of dates.

Reviewing the band’s debut 2019 album ‘When I Have Fears’NME wrote: “The Murder Capital arrive as the latest in a new, hungry line of Irish rock bands giving the country – and its capital of Dublin in particular – a new reputation as a hotbed of vicious guitar music. The band’s debut single ‘Feeling Fades’, released at the start of the year, saw them peddle a similar kind of brazen post-punk as their fast-rising contemporaries Fontaines DC.

“On debut album ‘When I Have Fears’, though, it’s proven to be just one piece of the band’s jigsaw, fitting in to a record that’s rich, emotional and huge in scope.”

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