The first ‘Warzone’ is back online – but with fewer maps

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The first Warzone – now titled Warzone Caldera – is back online, though it’s missing some features.

Warzone Caldera returned last night (November 28), after being taken offline on November 16 in preparation for the launch of Warzone 2.

Although players can now choose to go back and play Activision‘s original battle royale game, Warzone Caldera is missing several features and maps that it used to have. Fortune’s Keep, Warzone‘s smaller map, has been removed – leaving only the Caldera map available to play.

Likewise, the only playlist options available are Quads and Solos queues. Additionally, Warzone‘s in-game store has been removed, while the Battle Pass from Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 is not compatible with Warzone Caldera.

Earlier in the month, Activision clarified that Caldera would be maintained as a “separate experience,” and confirmed that Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep would not be returning. While the company promised “exciting developments in Warzone 2” for fans of these smaller maps, nothing has been announced just yet.

Warzone 2. Credit: Actision Blizzard.
Warzone 2. Credit: Activsion Blizzard.

In the same blog, Activision also confirmed that double XP tokens would not be transferrable between either version of Warzone, though COD Points can be used in either.

Since launching on November 16, Warzone 2 has been met with a mixed reception. Days after release, the game received a “mostly negative” rating on Steam due to players criticising stability and balance issues in the battle royale.

However, Warzone 2‘s first patch was released last week and addressed a slew of issues that were causing the game to crash. In our four-star review of Warzone 2, we compared the sequel’s impact to the first Warzone and found a strong offering from Raven Software.

“Can you top something like Warzone, what it represented and what it meant to so many people? No, but Warzone 2.0 is giving it a bloody good go,” wrote our review, which praised the battle royale’s new map but criticised its buggy launch state.

In other news, Portal is getting an RTX makeover next month.

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