‘The Callisto Protocol’ patch fixes stuttering issues on PC

The Callisto Protocol.

A patch for The Callisto Protocol has fixed a bug that was causing stuttering for PC versions, an issue that was the subject of numerous negative player reviews at launch.

The patch was issued on Saturday (December 3), and was detailed via a post on The Callisto Protocol‘s official Twitter account.

“Thanks for your patience,” reads the post. “A PC patch is now available to improve gameplay stuttering issues due to shader compilation. After updating, you may see temporary stuttering in the game menu the first time you launch the app.”

The tweet added that developer Striking Distance Studios is currently working on “further optimisations in the days ahead.”

Just before the patch was issued, Striking Distance Studios founder Glen Schofield – who apologised for appearing to glorify crunch culture in September – tweeted that the bug was caused because the “wrong file was patched,” and described it as a “freaking error by someone rushing.”

At launch, player reviews for The Callisto Protocol were “mostly negative” on Steam, with the majority of negative reviews criticising the game’s stuttering and performance issues. Since launching on December 2, The Callisto Protocol‘s user reviews are now marked as ‘Mixed’.

We awarded The Callisto Protocol three stars out of five in our review, describing it as “big dumb fun” with fantastic environments yet “middling” combat.

“The biggest issue is that The Callisto Protocol doesn’t realise it’s this tropey horror bloodbath, and thinks that it can turn this cornucopia of horror references into a work of art. Quite frankly, it can’t,” reads our review. “The Callisto Protocol is a love letter to video game and cinematic horror that fails to be more than a scrapbook, a pale imitation of the genre’s best bits.”

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