The 5 Dance Tracks You Need to Hear This Week

Every week, Billboard Dance gives you a look at the newest track you need to know about for the dancefloor days and nights to come. These are the five recently released tracks keeping the beat going as we ease back into the workweek.

REZZ, “Suffer In Silence”

The Artist: Veteran bassmonger REZZ.

The Label: HypnoVizion

The Spiel: The Canadian queen of mid-tempo womp, Isabelle Rezazadeh delivers her second single of the year with “Suffer In Silence,” which (in the grand tradition of her catalog) pummels and transfixes with ominous swagger.

The Artist Says: “‘Suffer In Silence’ has been a consistent track in my shows over the last year,” says Rezazadeh. “I made it while experiencing severe insomnia that lasted almost six full days. It creeped me out while I was working on it, but I knew I had to finish it to encapsulate that period of time.”

The Vibe: Hallucinatory and vaguely disturbing, like not sleeping for almost six full days.

Nicole Moudaber, “Intentionally”

The Artist: Lebanon-born techno globetrotter Nicole Moudaber.

The Label: MOOD

The Spiel: If techno is your thing, you cannot go wrong with “Intentionally,” a six-minute sonic portal built on an insistent bordering on aggressive kick, upon which Moudaber layers high hat, squiggly synth and other layers, ultimately building to something surprisingly celestial. The track comes alongside a sharp-edged remix by Moudaber’s longtime friend, Carl Cox.

The Vibe: You’ve been at Space Miami for 36 hours and have no current plans to leave.

Gorgon City, “Voodoo”

The Artists: U.K. stalwarts Gorgon City

The Label: Astralwerks

The Spiel: Call it a hot streak. After dropping one of our favorite tracks of 2022 with “Sidewindah” and following that up with the slightly more low-key but similarly weighty garage anthem “Rumblah” earlier this year, the Gorgon City guys get decidedly more celestial with “Voodoo,” an anthem about the alchemy of romance that balances prismatic vocals with a heady, sort of celestial progressive house production.

The Vibe: Falling in love on the dancefloor, again.

Jamies Jones, “Lose My Mind”

The Artist: The indisputable club king, Jamie Jones.

The Label: Helix Records

The Spiel: Spring has sprung, y’all. The clocks are an hour ahead, the days are longer and we’re now just weeks away from opening weekend in Ibiza. Naturally, one of dance’s most reliable vibe shepherds Jamie Jones, is setting the tone for the season with a disco-tinged house anthem as pleasant as a warm breeze off the Mediterranean.

The Artist Says: “I really wanted to continue on the vibe that my song ‘My Paradise’ brought last year,” says Jones, “but this time I  wanted a full original vocal track. This song is inspired by the early 2000’s filtered disco house era.”

The Vibe: Champagne and sunshine.

Nora En Pure, “Indulgence”

The Artist: South African-born, Switzerland-based deep house fav Nora En Pure.

The Label: Enormous Tunes

The Spiel: Nora En Pure drops her first single of the year with the achingly pretty, piano-flecked “Indulgence,” which grows much weightier when she drops some heavy, almost fuzzy synth slabs into the mix. Listen for it during her Coachella sets next month.

The Vibe: You’re indulging, but like, on green juice and pure bliss.

Katie Bain