Team Camila Singers Enter Battle With Whitney Houston Cover on ‘The Voice’

Peak Whitney Houston was impossible to beat.

Clearly Andrew Igbokidi and Zach Newbould read the memo when they engaged in a Battle Tuesday night (Oct. 25) for NBC’s The Voice.

The Team Camila singers went to work with Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” steering it into different territory. The pair stripped it down, creating a midtempo number with few clues to the shiny ‘80s original.

“Zach your voice really shined,” enthuses Gwen Stefani. “It was like an alternative sounding voice in a pop song. I like the contrast of that.”

Igbokidi, she comments, had great range and unexpected runs. “And you are very beautiful, it was stunning when you came out.”

John Legend also picked up on Igbokidi knack for “very cool” unexpected vocal flurries. “You have an interesting approach to music.” His rival, however, is “more consistently on point” with “really lovely” tone. “It was really well executed”

Blake Shelton cut to the chase. Nerves got the better of Igbokidi. “Andrew, almost felt like something was holding you back,” he remarks. “I just think you’re better than what happened here today.” Newbould delivered best in this “tall task,” he admits.

Cabello went deeper on Igbokidi’s stumbles. “I think that your hypercriticism of yourself is keeping you from accessing the freedom and the fun to go to that next level. But the talent is there.”

However, Newbould stepped up under the bright lights. And he did it consistently.

Cabello had a decision to make. Her pick, like Igbokidi’s runs, was most unexpected.

Watch below.

Lars Brandle