Taylor Swift Is ‘So Proud’ of Selena Gomez After ‘My Mind & Me’ Documentary Release

Taylor Swift is showering her BFF Selena Gomez with love following the release of her vulnerable My Mind & Me documentary on Friday (Nov. 4).

“So proud of you @selenagomez Love you forever [teary eyed emoji],” Swift wrote alongside a re-share of the film’s trailer on her Instagram Stories. See it here before it disappears.

Earlier this week, Gomez opened up on her newly curated SiriusXM Radio channel about her longtime friendship with the “Anti-Hero” singer. “The most influential artist, for me, it is kind of Taylor,” the singer said of her bestie. “Not because she’s my friend, but she has been an artist that can transition into so many different genres and she is able to do it seamlessly and I admire that so much. And that’s so rare. I love her process and I just admire all the work that she’s done. She’s definitely inspired me.”

In her new Apple TV+ documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me, the star goes deeper than ever before on her journey through mental health struggles. “I guess when we started to record footage of the Revival Tour, we initially thought that we were gonna do a concert tour video, and during the tour I had to cancel it because I was going through a lot of stuff personally. So we decided to stop,” she explained of the project’s origins.

“Then the Kenya trip kind of came up and we decided we wanted to record that trip. So it really wasn’t gonna be a documentary until the end when we filmed all the stuff and where I am now,” the singer continued. “I can tell that it was gonna be something bigger than just a puff piece…I want it to be about the conversation around mental health and ways that we can change the conversation. I feel like a human sacrifice. I’m like throwing my personal life in to hopefully have this conversation be bigger and transcend.”

Rania Aniftos