Taylor Swift fans tell Elon Musk to “stay away” after he sent bizarre tweets about her

Taylor Swift and Elon Musk

Fans of Taylor Swift have told Elon Musk to leave the pop star alone after the Twitter CEO sent a series of bizarre tweets about her.

On Friday (March 17), Musk commented on a tweet by Dogecoin founder Billy Markus that read: “Taylor Swift rules and if you disagree you’ll be kicked off the internet i’m pretty sure.” Musk replied: “Her limbic resonance skill is exceptional.”

Limbic resonance is an idea that a person’s capacity for sharing deep emotional states comes from the human brain’s limbic system.

“Who are you trying to make jealous Elon?,” asked one Twitter user, while another said: “most superdweeb flirt ever.”

Elsewhere, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO responded directly to a tweet from Swift’s official account, which shows four images of the pop star on stage at the opening shows of her ‘Eras’ tour. He responded with a cigarette emoji.

In another tweet, Musk reacted to a post from a user called Teslaconomics, which asked whether Musk and Swift would “make a cute couple”. He replied with a crying laughing emoji.

“You stay away from her,” one Swift fan wrote, while another commented: “Elon Musk better leave Taylor Swift alone dawg.” Others wrote that Musk should “go to horny jail”.

However, some people joked about having to look up a “limbic resonance skill”. “I don’t know what a limbic resonance skill is but I’m gonna work on mine as soon as I find out,” one person wrote. Another said that it was “interesting” to learn about the notion that Musk tweeted out.

Meanwhile, NME was at the opening night of the US leg of Swift’s ‘Eras’ tour in Arizona last week – get the lowdown here.

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