SZA Is Worried About Bowen Yang in ‘SNL’ Promo Where He Calls Her ‘Scissors’

Bowen Yang just can’t get it straight in this week’s Saturday Night Live promo featuring SZA and host Keke Palmer. “Hi, I’m Keke Palmer and I’m hosting Saturday Night Live this week with musical guest SZA,” Nope star Palmer says in the first video bit.


“And I’m Brown Yang and we’re gonna have such a… did i just say ‘Brown Yang?’,” an embarrassed Yang asks this week’s guests as they laugh nervously. “I can’t even read my own name. Sorry Guys! I am Bowen Young and we’re gonna… oh my God. Brown Yung! What’s happening right now?,” a melting down Yang stammers.

“Are you okay Bowen?,” a concerned Palmer asks. He assures her he’s totally fine and repeats his first name as evidence, before inexplicably calling himself “Cohen Yang” and then insisting that he’s Bravo star Andy Cohen and then, once again Brown Yung. “I’m worried about you Bowen,” SZA says before he refers to her as “Scissors” and says he’s going to take a long nap before tomorrow night’s (Dec. 3) show.

In a second promo, a recovered Yang promises that the episode is going to be epic, clapping out every syllable, a tactic Palmer then employs to ask where the bathroom is. In an earlier video, Palmer revealed that she’s an “octuple threat,” busting out her singing, acting and dancing chops before adding that she’s also a beekeeper, painter, magician and fitted sheet folder; she’s also admittedly bad at math.

The clip dropped a day after SZA shared the cover art for her upcoming S.O.S. album, which does not yet have an official release date. Donning a football jersey with S.O.S stitched on the sleeve, SZA sits on the edge of a diving board planted over a large body of water in the image.

Earlier this month, SZA released her newest single, “Shirt,” which debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Along with doling out another high-charting single, SZA recently covered Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players issue. In the cover story, she questioned her longevity in music and where she sees her career going forward.

Watch this week’s SNL promo below.

Gil Kaufman