Subtronics remixes Galantis hit “Runaway (U & I)” eight years later

Subtronics and Galantis… two very, very different artists, yet the wonky dubstep producer has just put out a remix of the Swedish duo’s original smash hit “Runaway (U & I)” eight years after it first released online.

Though, calling it a remix isn’t exactly accurate. In reality, the remix takes the intro melody and lyrics and then goes off into Narnia while the original is back in the UK. To the untrained ear, it doesn’t sound like any element whatsoever of the original made it into the drop, so the “remix” title is perhaps a bit misleading. A live edit would be more factual.

That being said, the drop is proper filthy and a wonderful Subtronics solo track, so it’s curious why it was paired, officially, with such a bubbly, hit original from 8 years ago unless it was made purely for live shows. In which case, why not label it a Live Edit or Re-fix or something less rigid than a “remix”?

Regardless, Subtronics’ fanbase is already going nuts over it but the Reddit brigade is tearing it to shreds. Then again, it is Reddit.

Check it out below and see for yourself!


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