Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Liz Truss: “That’s not a term in office, that’s a juice cleanse”

US talks show host Stephen Colbert poked fun at former Prime Minister Liz Truss during his opening monologue on The Late Show.

Truss lasted 44 days as leader of the Conservative party – the shortest ever stint for a UK Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak was officially named her successor on Tuesday (October 25) after meeting with King Charles III.

Noting that Sunak is Britain’s first Asian prime minister, Colbert joked: “Britons will be able to run their entire power grid off the turbines connected to Queen Victoria spinning in her grave.”

On Truss’s record-breakingly short stint as PM, he said: “That’s not a term in office, that’s a juice cleanse.”

Colbert then presented the audience and viewers with a “compilation” of Truss’s highlights as Prime Minister, which was a two-second clip of her waving outside 10 Downing Street.

Meanwhile, on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah also made light of Truss’s short stint, claiming the 42-year-old Sunak could serve well into his “42-and-a-halves”.

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert. CREDIT: Getty Images

Elsewhere, following Sunak’s appointment, the BBC accidentally used a graphic that described the new Tory leader as a “cunt”.

“How would you describe Rishi Sunak in one word?” said presenter Joanna Gosling while standing outside 10 Downing Street. “Savanta ComRes, a polling research company, came up with a word cloud and people sent in their thoughts and this is the conclusion.”

The BBC then cut to a graphic of the word cloud, which included the words cunt, twat, boring, slimy and liar.

Not drawing attention to the expletives, Gosling continued: “Rich is the overwhelming word, alongside capable, okay, good and clever.”

Truss announced her resignation last week, saying that she could not deliver on the mandate with which she was elected.

Radiohead’s Thom YorkeBlack Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and comedian Joe Lycett were among music and entertainment figures to react to the news.

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