Star Monster Drops Trippy, Bass Centric EP, ‘Butterscotch Candy’

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, bass producer/DJ Phil Parhamovich, better known as Star Monster, is a multi-instrumentalist who blends elements of experimental hip-hop with high energy dubstep. First debuting in 2017, Star Monster has captivated audiences with his dynamic sound and hypnotizing live sets, which have taken him to marquee festivals like Burningman, Emissions, and Stilldream, in addition to his own solo tours throughout North America and beyond. 

Star Monster today stands at the upper echelon of bass music culture as an in-demand producer and touring act. On his Spooky Tunes Vol 2 original mix (October 2020)—premiered on industry leading YouTube channel The Dub Rebellion— Star Monster expands his sound into the outer limits of bass music. Widely known for his idiosyncratic, third-eye-opening sets, Star Monster has delivered mind-bending performances at some of the world’s leading festivals and marquee events. 

Now, this interstellar bass wizard is here to overload the human senses with his newest five track LP titled ‘Butterscotch Candy‘. It’s a trippy, bass fueled journey that is not easily forgotten. “Check The Flow” sets the tone, kicking things off with spine tingling melodies and head-banging energy to get you lost in the music instantly. The Mirror Dimension” follows, which feels reminiscent of legends like Pretty Lights, as Star Monster seamlessly melds a high pitched sample into an electrifying arrangement.

The EP’s title track comes next, taking listeners down the rabbit hole, inserting high-octane dnb elements and dubstep half time breaks that seem to lift this track into another dimension. Capping off the EP is “Let Go Of Your Mind“, an aural candy land of psychedelic melodies and grooves driven by punchy drums and incessant bass wubs.

“My goal was to take you on a mystical and self reflective journey while creating a feeling of discovery and bliss in your hearts, minds and booties.” – Star Monster

Listen below!


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