Sky Katz Is a ‘P.O.S.’ & Loves It in New Single: Listen

Everyone has good and bad qualities, but Sky Katz is embracing her dark side in her angsty new single, “P.O.S.,” which officially dropped on Friday (Dec. 9).

“Probably got anger issues, major anxiety / I’m a manipulative, under-stimulated teen / Over opinionated, I got nothing to say / Maybe I’m just a piece of s—, but baby, that’s OK,” the 17-year-old sings in the chorus, which takes on a more pop-punk sound in the same vein as Katz’s recent singles, “Why Did You Call?” and “Breakup Song,” the latter of which was co-written and produced by Good Charlotte‘s Joel Madden.

“‘P.O.S.’ is a song about owning the shittiest qualities within yourself,” Katz shared with Billboard in a press statement. “We present such polished, perfected versions of ourselves to the world, but this is a song to take a break from that and just have fun exaggerating/embracing your flaws for a little.”

The release comes just days before Katz takes the stage at New York City’s The Mercury Lounge on December 13 in celebration of her 18th birthday. “I purposely scheduled my concert a day after my birthday so I can celebrate with some people who make me feel most loved – my fans,” she told Billboard. “There’s going to be a lively contagious energy in the room which I can’t wait to present. With Silver Cup opening and me performing after, I know we’ll start and end the night on a great note!”

Listen to Katz’ ‘P.O.S.’ below, and grab tickets to her upcoming NYC show here.

Rania Aniftos