Simon Pegg calls Rishi Sunak an “unmandated prick” over compulsory maths policy: “Fuck the Tories!”

Simon Pegg not a fan of PM's new Maths policy

Simon Pegg has called Prime Minister Rishi Sunak an “unmandated prick” over his new compulsory maths study policy.

The Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead actor took to Instagram yesterday (January 4) to deliver his verdict on the PM’s new education initiative. Calling Sunak a “prick” and a “tosser”, Pegg urged his followers and the public to get “rid” of the Conservative PM and the Tory Government at the next general election.

“So, Rishi Sunak our unmandated, unelected Prime Minister twice removed has decided that it should be compulsory for children to learn Maths up until the age of 18,” Pegg told his followers in a Story upload. “What a prick!”

Asking why the PM seemingly thought that maths was the most important subject for school kids to learn and to further the prospects of the UK’s future generations, Pegg questioned: “
What about arts and humanities, and fostering this county’s amazing reputation for creativity and self-expression? What about that?”

He added: “What about the kids that don’t want to do maths? I hated maths! I dropped maths as soon as I could. And, I’ve never needed it other than the skill set I acquired at the age 12.”

He signed off his recording by saying: “No Rishi Sunak wants a fucking drone army of data-entering robots. 
What a tosser! Fuck the Tories! Get rid of them, please. Fuck! Fuck you Rishi Sunak and fuck the Tories [SIC]!”

The Prime Minister unveiled his plans to make maths a compulsory subject for all schoolchildren yesterday. In the speech, covered by the BBC live yesterday, Sunak said that the UK must “reimagine our approach to numeracy”.

The PM said: “In a world where data is everywhere and statistics underpin every job, letting our children out into that world without those skills is letting our children down.”

Sunak elaborated by saying that he wanted people to have the skills they needed “to feel confident” with finances and things like mortgage deals. This is encompassed in a new plan to make maths a compulsory subject within UK education up until the age of 18.

It’s not yet known how and when the plans will be introduced, nor what it will mean for students who wish to study humanities or creative arts qualifications, including BTecs.
The BBC reported that no new qualifications are immediately planned, and there are no plans to make A-levels compulsory at this stage.

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