Shroud and Sacriel team up with Splash Damage to create “the best survival game ever”

Credit: Splash Damage.

London-based developer Splash Damage has announced that it will be partnering with content creators Shroud and Sacriel to create an open-world survival game.

Codenamed Project Astrid, the upcoming AAA game will be set within an original IP and launch as an open-world survival game.

While more details on the game are yet to be announced, Mike ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has stated he has high hopes for Project Astrid.

“This project means everything to me,” said Shroud. “Chris and I have refined a vision for what’s next in the survival genre and with Splash Damage we’re setting out to build it. We want to build the best survival game ever, and with Sacriel’s brain and Splash Damage’s team, I know we can do it.”

Meanwhile, Chris ‘Sacriel’ Ball said that Project Astrid was “a dream come true”.

“Mike and I have been envisioning a world where we help build the game that streamers and gamers love playing,” the streamer added. “To be able to execute with a team as esteemed and experienced as Splash Damage is a privilege. In our work together to date, it is clear to us that we are truly part of the team and that we are well positioned to help bring this dream to reality.”

Both Sacriel and Shroud will be titled as executive creators on Project Astrid, and Lance Winter – the game’s creative director – has described the pair as “core members” of the development team, adding that “no one knows this genre better than they do”.

It’s been a busy day for announcements in gaming – Creative Assembly, Lady Gaga’s producer BloodPop and former Criterion Games manager Matt Webster have all announced the formation of new game studios in the last 24 hours.

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