‘Shang-Chi’ star Simu Liu hits back at Quentin Tarantino’s Marvel criticism

Shang-Chi star Simu Liu has responded to Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino‘s criticism of Marvel films.

Both directors have been outspoken about their feelings towards Marvel projects, with Scorsese famously stating in 2019 that superhero franchise films are “not cinema”.

More recently, Tarantino took aim at the Marvel-isation of Hollywood, suggesting superhero characters have become more famous than the actors who portray them.

“You have all these actors who have become famous playing these characters,” the Pulp Fiction director said. “But they’re not movie stars… Captain America is the star. Or Thor is the star.”

In response, Liu, who played the lead character in Marvel’s Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, defended superhero films by highlighting their financial success and their embracing of diversity.

“If the only gatekeepers to movie stardom came from Tarantino and Scorsese, I would never have had the opportunity to lead a $400 million plus movie,” Liu tweeted on Tuesday (22 November).

“I am in awe of their filmmaking genius. They are transcendent auteurs. But they don’t get to point their nose at me or anyone.”

The actor went on to praise the inclusivity within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while noting that Hollywood, through out history, has not embraced diversity in the same way.

“No movie studio is or ever will be perfect,” he continued. “But I’m proud to work with one that has made sustained efforts to improve diversity onscreen by creating heroes that empower and inspire people of all communities everywhere.

“I loved the ‘Golden Age’ too… but it was white as hell.”

Tarantino has spoken out against Marvel films on numerous occasions in recent years. Last month, he explained why he would never direct one.

“You have to be a hired hand to do those things. I’m not a hired hand. I’m not looking for a job,” he told the Los Angeles Times at the time.

The director’s latest comments about the MCU come after his recent assertion that the modern movie era is “the worst in Hollywood history”.

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