Shallou Stuns Audiences with His Latest Track, ‘Save Some Room’

It’s always a special moment when the melody and composition of a track can convey so much emotion. Such an example is the latest mesmerising single of Shallou, ‘Save Some Room’. Dropping on the FADER label you can expect smooth guitar progressions, atmospheric sound design and the classic Shallou pure emotive vocals. Following up the incredible collaboration with ayokay, ‘Us’, ‘Save Some Room’ builds on the same established emotive compositions with seriously spell binding vocal melodies. My personal favourite is the winding sax in the background after the second chorus taking every listener to a new dimension. Shallou is making a mark for himself as a singer on this record and we are here for it!

Commenting on this inspiring anthem he states:

“I wasn’t myself for a while even after the worst of the pandemic subsided. I wrote an EP about following an internal ‘guiding light’ back to the shore of my life, where I left off. The lyrics reflect the fact that I feel i’m getting better, and I just hope those I love and even my fans can accept me again. I’m ready for a new adventure and to find out what’s next for my life.”

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Peter Berry

Your EDM