‘Sea Of Thieves’ season 8 is casting off this month

Rare has announced that the eighth season of Sea Of Thieves is set to begin on November 22.

That comes from the official Rare Twitter account, in which the developer teased the upcoming premiere of the season eight content update video, which they’ll reveal on the Sea Of Thieves Twitch account on November 18 at 7pm GMT – a day after the current adventure, Return of the Damned, comes to an end.

We don’t have much to go on just yet about the upcoming season, beyond its release date. Though it seems reasonable to expect that the outcome of Return of the Damned is bound to have an impact on how things go.

Return of the Damned, which is running from November 3 to November 17, is the ninth adventure in Sea Of Thieves. This adventure tasks pirates with choosing one of two sides: they can either work with Belle to prevent Flameheart’s resurrection while bringing about the return of Sir Arthur Pendragon, or else they can side with The Servant of the Flame and work to ensure Flameheart resurrection – leaving Pendragon to be marooned within the Sea of the Damned.

As you can expect, that choice will have some pretty hefty implications for season eight. And for just the second time in the game’s history, Rare will be tracking which side proves more popular with the community, promising lost-lasting impacts in the game should the majority choose to side with either The Servant of the Flame or with Belle.

There’s still time to get in on the action if you haven’t already. Any late-comer pirates among us have until November 17 to pick a side, by delivering Bewitching Dolls to either Belle at Shipwreck Bay, or to The Servant of the Flame at Reaper’s Hideout.

In other gaming news, Remedy Entertainment has revealed that it has begun development on a Control sequel.

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