Roman Kemp opens up on how Ed Sheeran helped him battle depression

Roman Kemp and Ed Sheeran

Roman Kemp has revealed how Ed Sheeran helped him through his battle with depression.

In a new interview with the Sunday Mirror, the Capital FM breakfast presenter spoke candidly about his mental health struggles and opened up about the advice he received from Sheeran during dark times.

“Ed told me there’s dirty water at the top and the more you let it flow it turns into clear water,” Kemp said. “Each time I speak about how I feel, the water gets clearer.”

It’s not the first time Kemp has spoken on his experience with depression. Following the death of his close friend and radio producer Joe Lyons, Kemp teamed up with BBC Three to release the ‘Our Silent Emergency’ documentary which explores the mental health and suicide crisis affecting young men in the UK. In the documentary, he revealed he had considered taking his own life too.

Kemp reflected on the passing of Joe in his interview with the Sunday Mirror, adding that he’s still processing his death.

“Every day I step foot back in the Capital studios, I’m back in the worst situation I have ever lived in my life. I have flashbacks all the time,” he said. “Per one suicide, 140 people are affected. Joe’s affected a lot of people. I’m sure he’ll be proud of what we’re doing but I still fucking hate him for it. He was the furthest thing from a suicidal person.”

Kemp is now preparing to release his first book, Are You Really Ok?, which will provide readers with insight into the 29-year-old’s mental health journey. The book – which is due for release on October 27 – is dedicated to Joe as well as Kemp’s mother Wham! and Pepsi and Shirley star, Shirley.

Speaking on the support he’s received from his mum and his father Martin – star of Spandau Ballet and EastEnders – Roman Kemp said: “I feel like I’ve won the lottery to have them as parents. We’re a support network. We speak every day. I call my dad if something nice happens, I call Mum if something bad happens.

“I’m fortunate enough to know it’s good to talk. There are so many guys that aren’t.”


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