Rob McElhenney missed Wrexham’s FA Cup shock finish

Rob McElhenney

Rob McElhenney had to find out about his football team Wrexham’s shock FA Cup victory over Coventry City on social media after US TV coverage failed.

The actor and creator of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia had to ask his Twitter followers about the outcome of the game after he missed its nail-biting final moments when the ESPN+ feed went down. Jubilant Dragons fans then let him know that Wrexham had claimed a 4-3 victory over Coventry City, having held on as Coventry scored three goals and were edging closer to equalising the score.

Meanwhile, the club’s other co-owner, Ryan Reynolds, said he was “totally speechless” at the 4-3 win.

Wrexham’s next FA Cup game will be against another Championship team, Sheffield United.

The team’s manager Phil Parkinson said the win was “up with the best” moments since he arrived at Wrexham in July 2021.

“You have to savour these days. It was a great occasion from the moment the coach arrived at the ground and the players saw all those 4,500 fans,” he said [via BBC Sport].

“Honestly, everyone felt 10-feet tall when they walked into the dressing room. The adrenaline that was pumping through the players’ bodies was a by-product of that great support,” he said.

“The league is most important but we’ve got a great history in the FA Cup and we wanted to respect that.”

McElhenney and Reynolds took over the club in February 2021. The story of the actors becoming co-owners of the North Wales team was the subject of a Disney+ docuseries, Welcome To Wrexham, which came to the streamer in August. Last month, the pair were awarded the freedom of Wrexham by the city council for their work promoting the city. They will receive the honour at a ceremony set to take place this year.


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