Rivers Cuomo Is Every Band Member In Weezer’s ‘What Happens After You’ Video: Watch

It’s been a win-some, lose-some type of stretch for Weezer. In the “win” column, Rivers Cuomo and Co. are deep into their four-part seasonal offerings, the SZNZ series. And the “loss,” when Weezer’s planned Broadway residency in celebration of those EP cycles was seemingly scrapped due to reported poor box office and sky-high production costs. 

With the Broadway dream behind them, Weezer returns to SZNZ: Autumn, and the track “What Happens After You,” which is now visualized with a lo-fi music video.

Peter Quinn directs the clip, which sees a band of Cuomos take over the studio and cut loose.

Each SZNZ EP (pronounced “Seasons”) offers its “own palette of colors, creatures, and emotions to explore.  They’re also being created in real time, made in tandem with the season themselves,” reads a statement. 

SpringSummer and Autumn have arrived. Winter is coming. When it does, the final EP in the collection “will create an incredible collection of some of Weezer’s best songs yet, which is no small feat for a band that never leaves the zeitgeist,” reps say.

Weezer kept the seasonal theme running when, during Halloween, the band kicked off its “Weezerween” pumpkin-carving competition, with the lucky winners scoring their “very own billboard somewhere in America.”

SZNZ: Winter is scheduled to drop Dec. 21. U.S. tour dates will follow in early 2023.

Watch the new video below:

Lars Brandle