Rising Producer-Artist Flwr Chyld Signs to Raedio, Releases Debut Album

Rising producer-artist Flwr Chyld announced his signing to the publishing division of Issa Rae’s Raedio record label. On Friday (Oct. 14), the Atlanta native also released his debut album, Luv N Chaos, and first offering under the new deal.

The signing marks a new beginning for the emerging artist (real name Kevin Brown) who has a knack for blending elements of R&B, funk and house. In 2019, he released his debut EP Iridescent Luv, captivating the underground indie music scene with help from singer-songwriter James Tillman. Flwr Chyld then followed with 2020’s Flow, collaborating with other rising names including Elujay and Mia Gladstone.

“I’m excited to be a part of this niche market,” Brown told Billboard about the signing. “Things have been evolving and I’m able to feel new energies and have new conversations. It’s definitely the right place and the right timing!”

The publishing deal is also a full-circle moment for the artist who connected with Xtina Prince, Raedio’s general manager of label and publishing, prior to her joining the company. Deemed as a “perfect fit” for Raedio, Prince says she’s excited to support Flwr Chyld while allowing him to maintain creative control of his upcoming releases.

“Flwr Chyld is special. From the moment I heard his music, I knew I had to find a way to support him,” said Prince. “Giving independent artists opportunities to advance on their own terms has always been at the forefront of my passion in the music business. To be able to offer this opportunity to such an incredible talent, is the reason I do this everyday.”

Issa Rae founded Raedio in October 2019 as “an audio everywhere company.” The record label is a joint venture with Atlantic Records and includes four branches dedicated to publishing, live events, music supervision and discography. Back in January, the producer-writer-director also launched the Raedio Creators Program Supported by Google which was designed to provide resources to underrepresented indie artists and bring more representation of women of color to the music industry.

Flwr Chyld describes his Luv N Chaos as “a story that tells multiple perspectives on what it means to fall in and out love.” Ahead of its release, the artist dropped four singles: “Worth It” feat. Flozigg, “Lucky Me” feat. Sebastian Mikael, “In Your Arms” feat. Demae, and “Feel Your Love.”

“We’ve all gone through relationships with significant others where we were either eager for it to end or wished it never ended,” he explained. “You know, for better or for worse! No matter how chaotic the feeling, the emotion that love can make us feel all seems to be worth it in the end.”

Cydney Lee