Rick Ross denies he’s a hoarder after video of his mansion goes viral

Rick Ross has refuted claims that he’s a hoarder, after a video of his cluttered mansion went viral.

Earlier this week, hip-hop magazine XXL recirculated an Instagram video in which Ross films piles of clothes and shoes strewn throughout the lobby of his Miami home. “I’m trying to organise some of this shit,” the rapper says in the video.

“I got this shit spilling out every goddamn way. Should [I] have a damn yard sale?” Ross then preempts fan responses towards the end of the clip: “This ain’t no hoarder. This rich boss shit going on.”

Posted yesterday (November 8), the clip promptly went viral online, leading Ross to address claims that he is a hoarder in a separate Instagram video. The rapper questioned the definition of a hoarder, asking whether owning surplus watches and cars would warrant the label. “Is having 150-plus automobiles, is that hoarding?”, Ross asked. He then gestured to his largely bare staircase, saying that if the walkway wasn’t clear, “that’s when it’s hoarding.”

“It’s when it’s going all the way up the steps and it’s blocking functional space”, Ross argued, “Until then, I’m just a fucking hustler.” The rapper later said that he doesn’t consider available space when making his purchases, claiming that if he “went and bought another fucking truck full of books, I’ll… set ’em on the floor.”

Elsewhere in the video, Ross defended keeping the items since “to me, it’s national treasures. Once I own it, it becomes a national treasure.”

Earlier this month, Ross paid tribute to late Migos rapper Takeoff, leading audiences in a moment of silence during his Red Bull Symphonic show in Atlanta. In August, Ross featured on the title track of DJ Khaled’s 2022 album ‘God Did’, and pledged $10million (£8.5) to secure an opponent for Jake Paul’s next boxing match.

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