R&B Fresh Picks of the Week: Central Cee, Rini, Kirby & More

It’s Monday again, and you know what that means: We’ve got 10 new songs to help you power through the week. From the mellow sounds of Sebastian Mikael, Rini, and Kirby to hard-hitting bops by Lancey Foux and Reese LaFlare, there’s a song to cater to all of this week’s ebbs and flows.

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Freshest Find: Central Cee, “One Up”

Now that Central Cee has convinced us he’s not homophobic, the U.K.-bred newcomer has moved on to new concerns: leaks. “[I’m] only dropping this cos they leaked it,” he says in a statement alongside his his surprise EP, No More Leaks. “One Up” presents itself as a standout moment of the four-track offering, highlighting the 24-year-old MC’s undeniably cool edge and witty bars.

Rini feat. Beam, “Selfish”

With “Selfish,” Rini is setting the tone for his growth over the past year. The L.A.-via-Australia singer taps Beam for the moody new single, on which he realizes that the only way to elevate is by prioritizing himself. “‘Selfish’ to me is a song where I learned that there’s more than one way to be selfish,” the singer said in a press release. “Often you think of it in a negative light — and of course it took me going through the negative — but there’s positive ways to be selfish too.” “Selfish” is a single off Rini’s forthcoming EP UltraViolet.

Lancey Foux, “All Night Long”

“All Night Long” is the moody, 808-driven introduction to Lancey Foux’s upcoming album Life In Hell. The U.K. artist is no stranger to cultivating music that blurs genre lines, often dabbling in trap and alternative hip-hop sounds.

Hoosh, “Slow Dance”

Despite its lighthearted and bouncy production, Hoosh’s new single “Slow Dance” has a message. After a conversation he had with a dancer, the Miami-via-Sudan artist wants others to understand that what truly matters is not what one does but how one carries themselves and their character. “Slow Dance” is deceptively introspective, but the musician doesn’t want listeners to understand his message without dancing and vibing to his upbeat new song.

Jordan Ward feat. Joony, “Idc”

Jordan Ward and Joony collided for a smooth, lo-fi track about letting go of their exes. “IDC” sees the two carelessly running around New York City in oversized suits as they trade nonchalant verses about being newly single. “I don’t care, I just want you to know/ I don’t like what you did, that s–t hurt/ I don’t care what you do anymore, anymore,” Joony sings for the chorus.

Sebastian Mikael, “Scene 1”

Celebrating the release of his new EP Phileo, Sebastian Mikael took to COLORS to perform his standout track “Scene 1.” The Swedish Ethiopian singer delivered a soulful performance of the song, which sees him falling for a woman who he says is “acting up.”

Reese LAFLARE, “Flu Game”

Atlanta rapper and producer Reese LaFlare receives the ultimate co-sign on “Flu Game.” “You gotta push right now to have a standout moment where it catapults you,” explains Drake in an audio note. The song title remains in line with the spirit of Drake’s message, referring to Michael Jordan’s 1997 NBA finals game in Utah — where the icon scored 38 points, leading the Bulls to a win, despite being severely ill. Produced by Mile Franklin, Maurice Nichols and Ronald Crawford, the track boasts a swoon-worthy instrumental, begging to be bumped from your car speakers for all to hear.

Mia Gladstone feat. Lance Skiiiwalker, “Swimming on the First Date”

Experimental artist Mia Gladstone re-emerges with a hypnotic new project, Loopy. Back together with longtime TDE collaborator Lance Skiiiwalker, the duo’s distinct tones and flows shine atop funky neo-soul instrumentation.

STANY feat. Rema & Offset, “Only You”

It’s a party of three. Afro-French producer Stany enlists Offset and Nigerian up-and-comer Rema to kick off his solo debut with “Only You.” Every Rema melody sounds like a hook, with Offset’s verse a refreshing change of pace on the Afro-fusion track.

Kirby feat. Dave Guy, “Take Care”

What’s there not to love about Kirby’s latest, transportive offering? “Take Care” sounds like a warm embrace, the singer setting the mood through environmental sounds of children playing, thick horns courtesy of Dave Guy, milky chords and her irresistibly smooth tone. “Take care of momma/ Know you gotta take care of brother/ You gotta take care and hustle/ But please take care of you,” she declares.

Cydney Lee