R3hab, Timmy Trumpet and W&W Team Up for Massive Collab “Poison”

Dance music titans R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet and W&W are back with their second ever collaborative single “Poison”, and this is a certified main stage banger. Combining a little bit of each artist’s distinctive styles, “Poison” is sure to delight festival crowds all over the world.

The opening of the track seems to be Timmy Trumpet’s doing with lightly building synths layered against a pitched-vocal. There’s a melodic little piano interlude before we get to the beefy drop. The synths in the drop are clearly W&W layered over some of R3HAB’s psy-trance beat. We get a redo of the verse on the second go-round, this time there’s a rhythmic synth march before another massive drop. This song has been on repeat for my workouts! Here’s what the three superstar acts had to say about coming together again for “Poison.”

“Timmy, W&W, and I have a connection which is rare. After our different collaborations over the years, we’re still easily able to find and share ideas with each other. They’ve become friends rather than colleagues, and I admire them both for their musical talents as well as their strong personalities. What we’ve come up with now blends all our signature styles into a real main-stage record that will resonate with every listener who liked our earlier releases.” – R3HAB

“Working with my brothers from another mother is always an amazing experience in the studio! This is our second collab as a trio, and it won’t be our last. So happy with how this turned out.” – Timmy Trumpet

“After ‘Distant Memory,’ it was about time we made another song with the guys. We really like working with R3HAB and Timmy, as we all complement each other’s strengths! We have great chemistry together and push each other to create the best possible production.” – W&W

Travel back to Tomorrowland and watch the video for R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet and W&W’s latest single “Poison.” Out now on Tomorrowland Music.

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Mark Fabrick

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