Puddle of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin admits infamous Nirvana cover “looked and sounded like total shit”

Puddle Of Mudd

Puddle of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin has admitted that the band’s infamous Nirvana cover “looked and sounded like total shit”.

Two years ago, the band recorded an acoustic version of ‘About A Girl’ for SiriusXM, which was then widely derided online.

“This has to be a troll, otherwise someone capable of rational thought would’ve stepped in and stopped this abomination from ever hitting the internet,” wrote one YouTube user at the time.

At the time, the singer kicked back at the haters (“Rise above others who try and take you down… Jealousy is toxic, and toxic people are a waste of time”) but Scantlin has now admitted that the cover wasn’t his best.

He told SongFacts: “I was acclimating and it was a tiring day, and I had already performed five or six songs at one time.

“By the time I got to that one — which I shouldn’t even have done because I cannot nail that song — I was a little tired. It looked and sounded like total shit. But live to fight another day, dude.”

Re-live the performance below.

In late 2021, Scantlin hit headlines again when he walked off stage during a show after arguing with a lighting technician.

According to fans who were there, Puddle Of Mudd took to the stage over half an hour late for their headline show at the EPIC Event Centre in Green Bay, Wisconsin before Scantlin walked offstage after only five songs.

In footage shot by someone in the front row of the concert, Scantlin can be seen performing the entirety of 2009 single ‘Spaceship’ with his hands covering his face, before he can be heard complaining about the onstage lights and apparently arguing with the lighting technician.

This wasn’t the first time Puddle Of Mudd have stopped a gig early. In 2017, Scantlin walked offstage midway through a performance of 2001’s ‘She Hates Me’ and the year before the rest of the band left him onstage following his erratic behaviour.

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