[Premiere] TINYKVT shares debut music video for “Demon Of My Dreams”

TINYKVT released her newest single, “Demon Of My Dreams,” this past Friday, and is now following it up with an official music video, the first of her career thus far.

As far as the song’s meaning, “Demon Of My Dreams” is about being so consumed with your own “demons” that you fall in love with them. The song’s intention, says the artist, is to help those struggling with their mental health and aims to address the heavy topic in an approachable way.

“This track is a unique and very personal release. It combines a pop sensibility alongside very heavy experimental bass, while exploring a dark subject in a new way.” – TINYKVT

We all have our own demons, and personifying them can often give us the power to overcome them in meaningful and physical ways when mental work doesn’t quite do the full trick.

Watch below!

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Matthew Meadow

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