Pregnant Jessie J Gets Real About Her Difficult First Trimester: ‘I Can’t Even Explain to You How Sick I Feel’

What’s Jessie J‘s go-to accessory these days? A barf bag. That’s because the 34-year-old pop star, who recently surprised fans by announcing that she’s pregnant, has been in the throes of her first trimester — a not-so-glamorous reality she opened up about in a revealing Instagram video Sunday (Jan. 8).


The video features a reel of clips filmed at different times during her first trimester, many of them showing the “Price Tag” singer doubling over in discomfort, her head occasionally planted in a trash can or airsickness bag. In one clip, she leans down into a sink and runs water over her flushed face, and in another, she breaks down into tears.

“I can’t even explain to you how sick I feel,” she says in the video. “Look at the state of me.”

“I was warned about that first trimester and it was WOOFY WOOF,” she captioned the post, adding a series of emojis to visually express the exhaustion and nausea she’s facing:🤰🏻🥱🫣🤤🤢🤮😵‍💫🙄😂😭😏🤮😳

But all is not bad. In a second video on Monday (Jan. 9), the singer shared with followers how delighted she is. “Happy Grateful Excited,” she captioned the visual, which shows clips of her with a big smile on her face, recording vocals, showing off her baby bump, and crunching into a giant cucumber as she rubs her belly.

The candid videos come just a couple days after the musician announced to the world that she’s expecting, a moment made bittersweet by the heartbreaking pregnancy loss she experienced a year prior. “I am so happy and terrified to finally share this… Please be gentle with me,” she wrote Friday (Jan. 6), sharing clips of her positive pregnancy test and ultrasound.

When she shared her pregnancy loss in 2021, the British star shared a raw, since-deleted post on Instagram that explained she’d decided to “have a baby on my own” because becoming a mom was “all I ever wanted.” “To get pregnant was a miracle in itself and an experience I will never forget and I know I will have again,” she wrote at the time.

See Jessie J’s videos about the realities of trimester pregnancy below:

Hannah Dailey