PRBLM CHILD Drop Thrilling Bass House Single, “Cheeky 1”

With a forward thinking approach in sound design and production, PRBLM CHILD is an up-and-coming duo who has been making big waves throughout the house music community. Via groundbreaking percussion sounds and groovy basslines, the pair has released their work on prime bass house labels, such as Bite This!, Gold Digger, and Uprise. Additionally, their uplifting on-stage energy has landed them appearances on R3HAB, Freejak, and Dr. Fresch’s radio shows.

In 2022, PRBLM CHILD continues to build their momentum. Over the summer they had an extremely memorable set at the renowned Das Energi festival in Salt Lake City. Following up their summer achievements, PRBLM CHILD returns to deliver their new single “Cheeky 1”.

The mission behind this track was to dive deeper beyond hard hitting bass house by combining multiple genres. “Cheeky 1” is the perfect example of PRBLM CHILD’s unique ‘hybrid house’ style and nothing short of the greatness we’ve come to expect from them. Blending minimal and bass house elements together, PRBLM CHILD flexes their talent in the studio with intoxicating grooves that simply make you want to get up and move. 

“It’s just a cheeky one, you know?” – PRBLM CHILD

Listen below!

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Petey Mac

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