Posthumous debut album from i_o with Lights comes two years after his untimely passing

Two years ago today, Garrett Lockhart, better known as i_o, passed away. Only 30 years old, his career was really just beginning, having graduated from Icon Collective under the name Fawks and transitioning to more techno-leaning productions under his new persona.

Today, in remembrance, in honor, in memory of i_o and his legacy and work, comes an album of work from before his death with Lights. Warehouse Summer, what would technically be considered his debut album, spans 14 tracks, with many of the track titles, taking 20/20 hindsight into account, conveying particular emotions: “Don’t Let Me Go To Sleep,” “Prayers,” “Better Days,” etc.

“We loved hearing from so many, as each of us remember Garrett in different ways,” the Lockhart family wrote in a statement. “Some of your stories made us laugh or smile, others made us cry, for it is in those stories we relived much of what Garrett was about as a person and in the many ways his life impacted each of us.”

Warehouse Summer, as the name implies, blends two ideas: dancing in a dark warehouse late at night, but also the bright sunlight and hope of the summer months. Though i_o was known for his techno, his history as a drum & bass artist also shines through on the album, as in “Leave It” and “Prayers.” Elements of progressive house also permeate the album, demonstrating i_o’s strength as not just a techno producer, but a music producer.

Reactions to the album on social media have already been overwhelmingly positive, and this will likely be an album we revisit for years to come. Listen below.


Photo via Alexandria Alvarez

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