‘Pearl’ isn’t coming out in the UK until next year – and horror fans are pissed off

Mia Goth Pearl

Slasher film Pearl won’t be released in the UK until next year – and horror fans are far from happy.

The upcoming movie, from director Ti West, is a prequel to X, which was released earlier this year.

A24 confirmed on Tuesday (November 29) that the prequel will be released in the UK on March 17, 2023, six months after it premieres in the US.

The news was shared by independent magazine Filmhounds, and fans of the slasher franchise have since taken to social media to voice their frustration.

“How tf is it taking this long for pearl to come out in the UK?!?!” tweeted one angry individual.

Another wrote: “Maybe *just maybe* UK cinema-going wouldn’t be in the state it is in if we got big releases like this closer to their US release date, rather than six months later where all buzz has died and no one cares anymore (or has seen it already via other means). Just an idea!”

“Wow, this reminds me of the 90s when America got every movie months in advance and early internet forums were just full of spoilers,” added another.

You can check out more angry reactions below.

Set in 1979, X follows a group of young filmmakers who attempt to make an adult film on a ranch in rural Texas. However, they soon find themselves in a deadly situation when their elderly hosts catch them in the act.

Pearl, the upcoming prequel, is set in 1912 and focuses on the life of one of the hosts, who has lived on the ranch her entire life.

Cooped up by her strict mother, Pearl dreams of breaking free and becoming a Hollywood star, but her temptations and repressions soon draw out the sadistic side of her personality.

Mia Goth, who played an adult film star in X, taxes on the role of a young Pearl. Her performance has been heavily praised by critics since the film’s US release in September.

In other horror news, Disney‘s Bambi is set to become a “vicious killing machine” in a twisted new remake.

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