Pallas’ Date with Destiny on ‘In The Night’

Leah Sturgis was destined to be Pallas. Pallas’ persona and her first debut single “In the Night” came to fruition from an ethereal dream she had and when she awoke the track was born. Some may call it coincidence, but we would call it more of a prophecy.

Prior to this grand awakening, Leah had always been drawn to the allure of artistry, whether it was film, dance, or her love of music. She was first captivated by the art form of dance at the mere age of two and in the years that followed, the hypnotics of rhythm and sound whisked her off to newfound destinations as a performing dancer. By the time Leah reached sixteen, she found herself spellbound in a place she’d never been before, the west coast underground rave scene. The impact it made on her was formidable.

From the mystifying soundscapes of San Francisco to the bass laden beats of the Pacific Northwest, Leah’s love for music only deepened. She was profoundly inspired by the sound of 80’s house music originally rooted out of Chicago and Detroit. What initially stemmed as inspiration from experimental pioneers such as Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy, ultimately led Leah to begin producing unique tracks of her own.

Driven by her passion for deep house and an eagerness to excel, she continued finessing her craft, DJing and throwing parties while building lasting relationships within the underground music scene. At night, she was absorbing and learning about the intricacies of deep house music along side moguls and producers alike and by the time the sun came around, she was tirelessly studying and working on her career in the field of visual arts.

Over the years, Leah’s love for filmmaking transpired to her writing, producing, and directing music videos and feature films which include the breakthrough comedy Hard Breakers starring Cameron Richardson and Sophie Monk, and the recent sci-fi thriller Trapped Inn, which stars comedian Matt Rife.

Writing and directing became Leah’s primary outlet for creativity, but she was always dreaming about producing her own music.

She was bound to become Pallas, the space goddess, and when her date with destiny occurred, her dream became realized.

Like we said, In The Night was birthed from her dream state. The song first presenting itself as a harmonious melody with lyrics and after she woke up, she knew this inspiration was something special, but the track would need more – an element just as mystical as what materialized its way from her psyche. She knew just where to turn.

With the assistance of powerhouse producer B Martin, accompanied by Crupö, these skilled hands turned a once dreamy melodic track into a banger. With a Classic M1 Organ paired with blaring drums, soft angelic vocals, and a heavy drop to match, In the Night was ultimately brought to where it always belonged – in the light.

And out into the world as envisioned.

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Peter Berry

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