‘Overwatch 2’ announces double XP weekend dates

Overwatch 2 had a rough launch, but developer Blizzard is now attempting to soften the blow for fans of the team-based shooter by giving three double XP weekends.

Previously, Blizzard announced that double XP, free skins and a weapons charm would be made available for players who might be feeling disheartened around the rocky launch of the game. Now, it has announced there will be three double XP weekends that start as soon as tomorrow (October 21).

The first double XP weekend will take place from October 21 at 7PM BST / 11AM PST / 2PM EST until October 24 at the same times. Following this, Blizzard has said there will be two further double match XP weekends.

The first of which will take place from October 28 at 7PM BST / 11AM PST / 2PM EST until October 31, which ties in with the game’s first seasonal event, Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, which starts on October 25.

There’s a slightly longer break between the second and third double XP weekends, with the third and final one being announced for November 24 from 7PM BST / 11AM PST / 2PM EST, ending on November 28 at the same time.

Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

It’s unclear whether Blizzard plans to announce any further double XP weekends beyond these initial three, but these will provide a useful way for players to ramp up their battle pass levels and help new players work towards unlocking heroes they might not own yet.

The game was plagued with multiple DDoS attacks around its launch which forced legitimate players out of the game or into lengthy queues several hours long. Controversially, Torbjörn and Bastion were also “temporarily disabled” whilst Blizzard worked out some bugs with their skillsets, one of which saw Bastion constantly able to spam its ultimate ability across the map, causing disruption in games.

In other news, Capcom is holding a showcase tonight (October 20) around its Resident Evil franchise – here’s how to watch.

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