Official HIGE DANdism’s ‘Subtitle’ Scores Third Week at No. 1 on Japan Hot 100

Official HIGE DANdism’s “Subtitle” sits at No. 1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 for the third week in a row on the chart dated Nov. 9.

The “Pretender” hitmakers’ latest hit racked up over 20 million streams again after breaking the record for highest weekly streams of 2022 in Japan last week. The track logged 21,044,966 streams this week, up by 1.3 percent from last week (20,781,069), and is currently still the only song that has recorded over 20 million weekly streams this year. The drama theme also scored 3,098,136 video views, up by 23.7 percent (2,505,102), and keeps at No. 2 for the metric. The song has increased points overall for the fourth week in a row after also adding points in radio and karaoke.

Kenshi Yonezu’s “KICK BACK” follows at No. 2 on the Japan Hot 100 for the third week, also increasing streams from 15,051,990 to 15,337,414 (up 1.9 percent, No. 2). Although Chainsaw Man opener  appears to be slowing down in video, it still sits at No. 1 for the metric after racking up 4,060,395 views (down by 1.3 percent). The track also performed well in radio and karaoke.

SixTONES’ new single “Good Luck!/Futari” launched with 398,252 CDs to bow at No. 3 on the Japan Hot 100. Although this figure is fewer by a little over 80,000 copies compared to the Johnny’s group’s previous single, “Watashi” (479,949 first-week copies), “Good Luck!” comes in at No. 1 for physical sales and look-ups, while also performing well in radio and Twitter (both No. 2). The track comes in at No. 23 for video, so while it fared relatively well in a number of metrics, it still wasn’t enough to overturn the two long-running mega-hits lodged at the top of the Japan Hot 100.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, audio streams, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups and karaoke data.

See the full Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, tallying the week from Oct. 31 to Nov. 6, see here.

Katie Atkinson