nothing,nowhere. links up with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz for tearing new single ‘CYAN1DE’

nothing,nowhere. (Stephen J. Cohen via Getty Images) + Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy (Kevin Winter via Getty Images)

nothing,nowhere. (aka Joseph Mulherin) has returned with his fourth new song for the year: a vicious amalgam of alt-pop, rap and hard rock titled ‘CYAN1DE’.

The track features Pete Wentz – best known as the founding bassist of Fall Out Boy – who delivers a spoken-word bridge in the track’s tail end, then ends with a guttural screamed breakdown (echoing his sporadic role as an unclean vocalist in Fall Out Boy’s early years).

Have a look at the accompanying music video for ‘CYAN1DE’, helmed by visual artist and Harmed guitarist Gabor Toth, below:

In a press release, Mulherin said bluntly that he’s “proud of this song” and “couldn’t be more excited for the future of nothing,nowhere.” – the rap-rocker is currently tying up the loose ends on his fifth album under the moniker – describing Wentz as “a legend”.

Wentz himself echoed the excitement, adding that ‘CYAN1DE’ brings him back to “the first heavy music I got into and the bands I would scrawl on my trapper keeper at school”. He added: “It’s an honor to be a part of this process and this song.” 

‘CYAN1DE’ rounds out a quartet of singles that Mulherin’s dropped over the past year; he started 2022 off in February with ‘Sledgehammer’, before returning with ‘MEMORY_FRACTURE’ in April and ‘M1SERY_SYNDROME’ (featuring Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail) in August. 

The artist’s fourth album, ‘Trauma Factory’, arrived last February via Fueled By Ramen. A few months later, he joined forces with Sum 41 to deliver a new version of their 2019 song ‘Catching Fire’.

Meanwhile, it was announced earlier this week that Wentz – alongside Metallica, The Beach Boys, Redman and Def Leppard – would be partnering with Vault Comics to launch their new graphic novel imprint, Headshell. Wentz’s book, Dying Inside, will be the first released through the imprint; it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2023.

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