No, Jack Harlow Is Not a ‘Sexy Yeti’ in ‘SNL’ Promo, That’s Just His Actual Coat

Jack Harlow is pumped and totally ready to pull double-duty as host/musical guest on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. In the promo for the show Harlow runs into SNL long-hauler Kenan Thompson and new guy Marcello Hernández who seem kind of confused about the “First Class” rapper’s sartorial style.

In the bit, Harlow is waiting by an elevator while dressed in a full length white shearling coat when Thompson and Hernández excitedly roll up. “I’m so hyped to host this week,” Harlow says as Thompson assures him that he’s gonna kill it. “Looks like you’re already in the Halloween spirit,” Kenan says while pointing to the jacket and Jack’s all-white outfit for the 2022 Halloween edition of SNL. “Yeah, bro, costume goes crazy,” Marcello laughs.

The two then begin a riff-off guessing what Harlow is dressed as, tossing out a variety of options, from a box of Kleenex to a cotton ball, “the whole White Lotus,” sanitary napkin, pimp on a cruise ship and sexy yeti. Harlow thinks a second on that last one, but says the answer is still no, it’s none of those things.

The hits keep coming, though, including MC Teddy Roosevelt, Fluff Daddy, Almost Historically Accurate Jesus and, sigh, Macklemore. “Guys, this is just my outfit!” Harlow assures them before getting into the elevator and whispering the real inspiration behind the ‘fit.

Harlow follows fellow artist Megan Thee Stallion, who also recently pulled double duty as host and musical guest; while it’s his first hosting run, Harlow performed on SNL last year and appeared in a bit about NFTs that parodied Eminem’s “Without Me.” And, earlier this month, Jack got some late-night television practice time in with Jimmy Fallon when he co-hosted The Tonight Show.

Check out Harlow’s SNL promo below.

Gil Kaufman