NMIXX drop cryptic video teasers for ‘New Frontier’ project

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NMIXX have released several cryptic video teasers under a new project titled ‘New Frontier’.

On November 9, the K-pop girl group surprised fans by dropping two new teasers as part of a project titled ‘New Frontier’. The first clip, titled ‘New Frontier: MIXX, you imagine’, is a three-minute video introducing the concept of MIXX through a fairytale narrative, as told by Haewon.

The second teaser in the ‘New Frontier’ series dropped several hours after, titled ‘New Frontier: IMPETUS’. The new clip features the seven members of NMIXX as they demonstrate the various emotions felt during their lifetimes, before introducing the concept of IMPETUS as “the name of the force that moves us”.

The exact purpose of the ‘New Frontier’ project remains unclear at the time of publication, however, specifics are expected to be released in the coming days.

The JYP Entertainment girl group dropped their latest music – sophomore single album ‘Entwurf’ – in September. The record was led by title track ‘Dice’, as well as a B-side titled ‘Cool (Your Rainbow)’ along with instrumentals for both tracks.

In a divided three-star review of NMIXX’s ‘Entwurf’, NME’s Gladys Yeo wrote: “While the soulful ‘Cool (Your Rainbow)’ makes for a stunning addition to their discography, the girl group fail to cash in on the potential of its title track ‘Dice’. Here’s to hoping that NMIXX strike it big on their third release.”

Meanwhile, NMIXX have been nominated for two awards at the upcoming 2022 MAMA Awards, set to take place across two days later this month on November 29 and 30 at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan. The band are up for the Best New Female Artist trophy as well as Worldwide Fan’s Choice.

Winners of a majority of the categories at the awards are to be decided through a combination of judge panel evaluations, song downloads and streams, and physical album sales, with the exception of the Worldwide Fan’s Choice award, which will be determined by fan votes.

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