NME Radio Roundup 17 October 2022: WILLOW, Say Sue Me & Fred Again..

Last week, multihyphenate artist Willow released her fifth studio album, ‘<COPINGMECHANISM>’. As with its predecessor ‘lately i feel everything’, the fearless pop punk record sees the 21-year-old brandishing distorted guitars and heart-on-sleeve angst, solidifying her growing status as a rock revivalist for Gen Z.

In NME’s review, we spotlighted Willow’s impressive artistic growth, noting that “in the poetic and thoughtful nature of it, as well as the odd glimpse of where she could go next, WILLOW’s fifth record should be noted as her breaking sonically mature new ground”.

Album highlight ‘ur a <stranger>’ leads this week’s NME Radio A List, joined by Say Sue Me’s excellent Yo La Tengo cover, the latest preview to Fred Again..’s upcoming release, and fresh tracks from Carly Rae Jepsen, ENNY, and more.

Check out the newest additions to NME Radio 1 and 2 below:

On the A List:


‘ur a <stranger>’

Willow bites back for more space on ‘ur a <stranger>’, a stellar cut off her latest album ‘<COPINGMECHANISM>’. In two pummelling minutes, the pop-punk hero employs palm-muted guitars and a propulsive beat to channel resentment towards a controlling lover. In its last 30 seconds, she turns up the heat, screaming with unbridled rage and exasperation: “You’re a stranger / When I see you, I can’t speak / See you, I can’t breathe” – Eli Ordonez

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Say Sue Me

‘Season Of The Shark’

South Korean indie rock veterans Say Sue Me celebrate their 10th anniversary with ‘Season Of The Shark’, off their latest EP ‘10’. The track sees the quartet delivering a vivacious take on the Yo La Tengo classic, kick-starting a release which pays homage to the American indie icons who inspired them. Whereas the original opted for lo-fi introspection, Say Sue Me rework the song as an upbeat slice of ‘90s alternative. – EO

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On the B List:

Fred Again..

‘Kammy (like i do)’

South London dance hero Fred Again.. returns with ‘Kammy (like i do)’, the third single from the upcoming third installation of his ‘Actual Life’ series. The brooding garage track packs the punch you’d expect: shuffling drums, muted bass and a cavernous atmosphere, but finds its soul in a recurring vocal (“I’m gon’ love you like I do”), offering assurance as a bridge of connection. – EO

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Carly Rae Jepsen

‘The Loneliest Time ft. Rufus Wainwright’

Indie pop stalwart Carly Rae Jepsen opens her heart to love again on ‘The Loneliest Time’, the title track off her upcoming fifth record. The elegant disco ballad takes its time to build from near-silence, unveiling its full groove – replete with string flourishes and a slinky bassline – only in its first chorus. Rufus Wainwright also makes an unlikely appearance, offering soulful vocals and ‘70s-indebted harmonies throughout. – EO

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On the C List:


‘Champagne Problems’

Stepping to the mic with a single, breathless verse, ‘Champagne Problems’ shows rising South London artist ENNY at her very best. Tackling multiple issues, including misogyny and politics, against soul-inflected production from Beat Butcha and Tala, it’s a powerhouse cut. – EO

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‘Anxious Mind ft. Clementine Douglas’

London-based producer TSHA wants to be free on ‘Anxious Mind’, a standout track off her debut album ‘Capricorn Sun’. The moody track strikes a balance between dancefloor bliss and claustrophobic sonics, built around a stuttering beat, light flute samples and chest-rattling sub bass. Clementine Douglas steps in as her mouthpiece, singing of the crippling anxiety she struggles with returning to perform on stage: “I wanna be free / Oh I’m fading away” – EO

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Singer-songwriter Jacob Slater’s Wunderhorse searches for transcendence on ‘Mantis’, off his stellar debut album ‘Cub’. The tender track showcases Slater’s delicate falsetto, as he sings alone with his guitar about an elusive bliss, destined to fade away at any moment (“And you can stamp it out / With beautiful insight / And make it profound / But it’d just hurt like hell”). – EO

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Liam Gallagher

‘Too Good For Giving Up’

Liam Gallagher offers a listening ear in ‘Too Good For Giving Up’, a highlight from his third solo record ‘C’mon You Know’, released in May. Now backed by an emotive video, the icon’s words continue to resonate as an anthem for mental wellness. With his signature vocals front and centre, he sings, “Look how far you’ve come / Stronger than the damage done / Step out of the darkness unafraid,” as graceful pianos and regal strings support the much-needed message for the brokenhearted. – EO

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