Night Tales Drop Impressive Debut LP ‘Proof’ [Ultra Records]

The Night Tales project has been nearly a decade in the making. One half of the duo, Aaron Bannie was born in the U.K. before moving to Ibiza, where he learned how to mix and play on vinyl. He would later relocate to Australia in hopes to elevate his own electronic project, Third Floor. Kamaliza Salamba is an Aussie native, and also had his own career in music prior to Night Tales. He played in various bands, in addition to his own R&B electronic project, Kamaliza.

The two connected via a booking agent, and immediately began collaborating on a house-infused, singer-songwriter project. Influenced by acts like the Talking Heads, the two dove into more thematic compositions that cover a wide range of music. Salamba writes the vocals and melodies, while Bannie provides his own vocals in addition to running drum and trigger pads. While Night Tales offer the storytelling and lyrics for widespread accessibility, their roots in electronica provide credence to their ability to connect with both mainstream and festival audiences.

They’ve inked deals with prestigious labels such as Majestic Casual, racking up millions of streams globally across their catalogue. They’ve just recently released their debut album, ‘Proof, via Ultra Records. Spanning 10-tracks, the album offers high paced production, heavy synth play, and intrapersonal lyricism to present a soundscape that is both emotional and energetic. With their largest release to date, Night Tales hopes to capitalize on being one of the fastest growing artists in North America.

‘Proof’ is an impressive LP from this talented duo and deserves your attention this weekend! Stream below.

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