New version of ‘Three Lions’ confirmed for 2022 World Cup

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Frank Skinner and The Lightning Seeds‘ Ian Broudie have confirmed that a new version of their anthem ‘Three Lions‘ will be released for the 2022 World Cup.

The song – officially titled ‘Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)’ – was originally released in 1996 ahead of England hosting the Euro ’96 tournament. A subsequent revamped version then hit airwaves ahead of the 1998 World Cup in France.

On his Absolute Radio show this morning, Skinner – who wrote the song alongside Baddiel and Broudie – was joined by the Lightning Seeds frontman, and talk turned to ‘Three Lions’.

Skinner asked Broudie: “So I’ve gotta ask you Ian, are you going to do a new version of ‘Three Lions’ for the World Cup? I think it’d be good, it’s an unusual sort of World Cup.”

After Broudie responded: “We should have a chat about that maybe,” Skinner replied, confirming the new version: “We’ve left it a bit late, we’re filming the video on Thursday!”

Listen to the full chat on The Frank Skinner Podcast here.

This summer, David Baddiel has said that his football anthem with Skinner and The Lightning Seeds could be “put to bed” after the England Women’s team’s Euro 2022 victory.

The comedian said in a new interview that the song, which had become part of the fabric of English football culture after decades without an international tournament win, could be less of a staple in cheering on players in future fixtures. “The women have reset the clock,” Baddiel told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (via The Guardian) after the win, which erased 56 years of England failing to secure a trophy.

When released in 1996, the song’s lyric “30 years of hurt” in the chorus was a reflection on the fact that England hadn’t won a trophy since triumphing against West Germany in the 1966 FIFA World Cup.

When asked if it was now time to retire the song as well as decades of gloomy expectations, Baddiel said: “I’m very happy to think the song would, in a way, be put to bed.” He added, however, that fans may feel differently the next time England loses.

“It was beautiful to hear it sung out of Wembley [on Sunday] as we finally clinched a final, I really did think that would never happen,” Baddiel added. “It’s so amazing to actually think, ‘Oh, we’ve won, this doesn’t happen, it’s actually happened.’”

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