New ‘Transformers’ game coming in 2023 inspired by new ‘Earthspark’ TV series

Outright Games has confirmed it’s currently developing a new Transformers game, due for release in 2023.

Announced at Hasbro Pulse Con yesterday (September 30), the new Transformers title has been inspired by Transformers: Earthspark, an all-new action comedy animated series that premieres next month. The show introduces a new generation of Transformers, the first to be born on Earth.

Outright Games previously worked on 2020’s Transformers: Battlegrounds while the as-of-yet untitled new Transformers project is out 2023 on consoles and PC.

No further details have been announced. However yesterday also saw a Transformers crossover with Magic: The Gathering confirmed. 15 cards will be released in total, with two variants of each. The double-sided cards will feature Transformers in both their robot mode and their vehicle mode.

The cards will be spread randomly throughout The Brothers’ War set boosters, collector boosters, and the Bundle Box. The first six cards were revealed via IGN with Optimus Prime, Goldbug, Starscream, Soundwave, Flamerwar and Slicer all set to make their Magic: The Gathering debut.

“There are so many fan-favourite Transformers characters that we wanted to make sure we could launch many of them,” said Gavin Verhey, principal game designer at Wizards Of The Coast.

“The Brother’s War is an incredible set that retells one of the most classic stories of Magic. There’s a lot for established players to dig into here, but we wanted to have something that might catch the eye of someone who didn’t have the background of Brother’s War to get them excited about the set. And finally, as mentioned before, we’ve been looking for a place to put Transformers, and in a world full of giant mechs and sweet artefacts, it made sense.”

In other news, The Indie Stone has revealed a series of improvements due to launch with the “very big” Build 42 update for Project Zomboid, leading to the introduction of basements and sewers.

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