‘Need For Speed Unbound’: A$AP Rocky gets a first-look at his IRL custom car

A$AP Rocky in his new custom car from 'Need For Speed Unbound'

EA and Criterion have shared footage of A$AP Rocky getting a first-look at his real-life custom car from Need For Speed Unbound – watch below.

The racing game is due for release on December 2, coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC as a current-gen exclusive.

Last month, an official “reveal trailer” for the upcoming title showed A$AP in action, tearing up the city streets in his Mercedes 190 E.

In a new video, we see A$AP Rocky being introduced to the IRL version of the vehicle in Brooklyn, New York. “Damn!” he says after first setting eyes on the black, white and gold car. “Whoa… that’s crazy!”

Displayed on one of the doors is a reimagining of the artist’s “If not now then when” tattoo, which he shows off in the clip.

“The detail is crazy,” A$AP Rocky adds as he continues to examine the Merc. “I’ve seen some cars with some green fog lights and shit. I just thought that looked futuristic, so why not own a car with no colours and just shade, right?”

Later, the rapper shows off the hydraulics and describes the car as “perfection at its finest”.

“I can’t wait to see you on the street, man,” he says. “I’m dusting everybody – the real Need For Speed!” You can watch the full video above.

In the description for the preview, EA wrote: “It’s OK to be jealous of A$AP Rocky’s Mercedes 190 E, most people are. See Rocky’s reaction to a first look at one of the freshest customs out here.

“Wanna make it yours? Beat him at his own game, take it back to the safehouse, and hit the streets with some serious style.”

The rapper and his creative team at AWGE also helmed Unbound‘s “genre-defying” soundtrack.

Need For Speed Unbound. CREDIT: EA

According to IGN, the game will “utilise new-gen consoles and the Frostbite Engine” to provide 4K 60fps visuals, a brand new high-framerate physics system, an offline single-player campaign, cross-play support for multiplayer as well as free post-launch content updates.

Need for Speed Unbound sees the franchise returning to Burnout studio Criterion, marking the first time the developer has worked on the racing series since 2012’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

In February 2020, EA handed the franchise back to Criterion with the publisher saying that it planned to restructure Ghost Games, who handled the previous four Need For Speed entries.

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