NCT’s Doyoung and ‘Pachinko”s Kim Min-ha unveil new duet single ‘Fallin”

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NCT’s Doyoung and Pachinko star Kim Min-ha have collaborated on a brand-new single, ‘Fallin”.

‘Fallin” was officially released on October 25 alongside its accompanying video treatment, simultaneously uploaded to the Warner Music Korea YouTube channel. The music video for the new track features both Doyoung and Kim performing the romantic ballad live, accompanied by a band.

“Fallin’, it’s funny with you, fallin’ / I can almost feel it in my hands, for real / Why is it only you that stands out in my eyes?” they harmonise in the chorus.

According to a press statement from SM Entertainment, labelmate and veteran K-pop idol BoA as well as singer-songwriter Shaun Kim were both involved in the writing and composing of ‘Fallin”.

The official release of ‘Fallin” marks Kim’s first official music since she broke out as an actress in South Korea. Best known for starring in a lead role on Apple TV+’s original hit series Pachinko as a young Sun-ja, she has also appeared in series such as 2020’s Homecoming, The Call and more.

Meanwhile, the new song comes over a month since Doyoung, along with the remainder of sub-unit NCT 127, released the group’s fourth studio album ‘질주 (2 Baddies)’ in September. The record was led by a title track of the same name, marking their first domestic project together in over a year.

In a four-star review of ‘질주 (2 Baddies)’, NME’s Carmen Chin wrote: “For a group that thrives on the disorder and unpredictability of their music, ‘2 Baddies’ is an often exceptional effort on NCT 127’s part to uphold that tradition.”

NCT 127 later returned to Good Morning America for a performance of the lead single, following a three-year gap between their last appearance on the American talk show in 2019 with ‘Superhuman’.

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